Dress Up with Sonderstudio

by Runi Cholid
19th April 2022
The team behind online retailer SONDERLAB turns their gaze offline with Sonderstudio, a by-appointment fashion boutique on Wijaya I that charms with an in-house styling session, inviting city-goers to explore and discover their personal style.

Situated on Wijaya I, online retail company SONDERLAB’s first brick-and-mortar project, Sonderstudio, pleases the eyes with futuristic decor. Huge white light meets steel furnishings and cold grey hues, letting the items on display shine without intrusion. 

From X-girl bucket hats, exclusively released shirts and accessories, to footwear from Keen as well as Bastille’s range of fragrances, lining the shelves and hanging on clothing racks are a select few of Sonderlab’s acclaimed curation of fashion and lifestyle items. But the real appeal here is the person who would accompany you for the next two hours of your visit: your own personal stylist.

The idea for Sonderstudio first came from a former intern, simply known as Chris, as a way to address the need for an offline expansion while providing a new experience that suits the company’s explorative spirit. Available only by appointment, each visitor is assigned to one of Sonderlab’s resident stylists, ​​whose service is free of any additional charge after the boutique’s minimum spending price.

The system goes like this: upon booking (at least three days prior to the visit), comers are required to fill in their personal details, such as measurements, social media profiles and the items they like from Sonderlab’s website. Based on this information, the stylist will then come up with a styling sheet, which consists of outfits put together from Sonderlab’s collection and provided to the visitor a day prior to the visit.

While the boutique’s unique feature provides a nice bonus for the fashion adepts, it’s a welcome addition to those looking to discover or refine their personal style. Beyond providing visitors with fashion items that match their current needs, the stylists are also generous in sharing tips and advice to help shape their style moving forward. And if that’s not enough, in the future, the team has plans for a pop-up stick-and-poke tattoo studio as well as a perfume sharing club.

Amongst the fashion-conscious, there’s a popular adage that goes: “Make sure you wear the clothes, don’t let the clothes wear you.” Sonderstudio addresses that and provides a helping hand.


For more details and booking information, click here.