Seek Store Lands in Jakarta

by Sandy Indahsari
8th November 2017
The sports fashion store from Singapore, Seek has branched out to Jakarta, where it houses both sports and streetwear brands under one roof at Pacific Place Mall.

With the rapid rise of streetwear popularity in Jakarta, it’s safe to say that sneakers are the usual go-to footwear. From the classic Jordan to Adidas BOOST , there’s nothing like a fresh pair of sneakers to complete a look. So, it’s no surprise that street and sportswear complement each other amicably. Started out in Singapore, the multi-label retail store, Seek welcomed its first store in Jakarta over at Pacific Place Mall. The dark industrial interior is spacious and straightforward, where customers can easily move from one brand to another, browsing several sneakers at once.

Those who are here for sneakers can find key brands such as Nike, Adidas and Puma. Apart from footwear, Seek also make sure that when it comes to clothing, visitors won’t be leaving the store empty handed. With international streetwear labels such as, Cozy, Carhartt and Champion Europe, one has the option to walk out the store with a complete look. Whether you’re just dropping by for a pair of new kicks or a t-shirt, Seek keeps things easy by housing both sports and streetwear brand under one roof.