Raito 2018 Collection: SŌGŪ, encounter

by Pingkan Palilingan
22nd May 2018
Known for its variety of stylish eyewear, home-grown brand Raito launches its 2018 collection along with a showcase of the stories behind ten of the new eyewear styles in “SŌGŪ, encounter” exhibition.

Alongside the launch of their 2018 collection, local brand Raito commemorates the occasion through a compelling exhibition. Established three years ago by Hermawan Chandra and Melinda Anasthasia, the brand has been well-known for giving a modern twist on classic specs models and turn them to fashionable eyewear.

It almost seems like a tradition for Raito to throw an exhibition alongside the launch of their new collection, and the current one is no exception. Showcased for a limited period at Blok M Square, the exhibition is tied around the theme of “SŌGŪ, encounter”.

The idea of “SŌGŪ, encounter” departs from random encounters with strangers during Hermawan’s solo trips. Some of the characters stood out and became the source of inspiration for the collection: ten personalities are presented through installations that are placed inside a chamber box, each comes with a backstory.

For example, the “Ryuko” or “Playboy” chamber is covered with a mirror-like wallpaper that reflects a distorted reflection of the beholder; the mirrored walls being the representation of common playboys – narcissistic and self-focused. These chambers are spread across five storeys of a dilapidated former Japanese spa, which heightens the experience of the exhibition even more.

Last but not least, at the very end of the exhibition, all the ten styles of the specs are displayed orderly in a chamber that is decked with a striking wallpaper: portraits of one hundred Jakartans donning Raito’s new specs. All in all, the whole exhibition brings forward a refreshing perspective on eyewear as you’ve never seen before.

The new collection will be available for purchase after the end of the exhibition, both online and at the brand’s stockists.


“SŌGŪ, encounter” is open for public and is currently runing until May 25th, 2018. The exhibition is located at Blok M Square, Jl. Melawai V No. 10 Blok M – 3 Pal No. 70 (next to Toko Mas Singgalang) and opens at 11am-1pm and 2pm-8pm. For more information, visit justraito.com.