PIFW 2016: Nikicio

by Julius Kensan
18th March 2016
A collection that hit all the right spots for the die-hard fans of Nikicio. Just don't call it a comeback. Show coverage and review of Nikicio from Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2016.

Spring Summer 2016 marked Nina Karina Nikicio return as Nikicio’s Creative Director after entrusting the role to Abraham Dewanggana for a few seasons. With this collection, she wasted no time in re-establishing the codes of the label and what it stood for.

The predominantly black collection came in looks that reflected the current obsession with gender neutrality and overall 90s vibe while remained pragmatic for daily wear under the hot weather. Well, in actuality, it came across as tomboyish rather than androgynous. Nevertheless, it’s hard to overlook just how uncomplicated those pieces would look on you even if you were not blessed with the body of a runway model.

Part of the pull of the collection was also how easy it is to match these pieces up in various permutations. That black button-up shirt would go with almost anything and the sleeveless black leather jacket could be utilized to downplay a feminine dress. Mens wise, Nina kept it simple with loose top and cropped trousers in soft knits that are interchangeable as womenswear too.

In addition, oversized outerwear complete with the text “Cult Member” slapped on the back will no doubt photograph well on Instagram while double up as a hashtag hint.

Still, Nina played it safe with a collection that ticked all the right boxes and, at the very least, hit all the right spots for the die-hard fans of Nikicio. Just don’t call it a comeback.