Feel the Energy of Orbis SS21

by Ihsan Rafdianto
7th July 2021
Securing a reputation as one of the pioneers of local streetwear, Jakarta-based label Orbis drops its SS21 collection ‘Energy Maximum’, featuring pieces that play on graphic visuals and classic icons true to the brand’s identity.

Among the many streetwear labels and stores we see today, Orbis, one of the key players that laid the groundwork for the streetwear movement in Jakarta, aims to offer a tightly curated selection of local and international brands, alongside its own to the local market. Showcasing labels such as Aries arise, Alltimers, HUF, Pon Your Tone, the streetwear label also serves as a stepping stone for local brands, creating a sustainable ecosystem that continues to push the streetwear culture forward. 

Ever since its inception in 2008, Orbis has become the go-to hangout spot for streetwear enthusiasts within their flagship store in Lot36, where spending hours on end is easily possible thanks to the presence of other tenants in the area, including coffee shop Harapan Djaya. But not long after hitting its 10th year mark, Orbis announced its relocation, although still within the familiar perimeters of Panglima Polim.

Nowadays, it has become a rarity for select shops to remain relevant for more than a decade. Still pushing ahead, Orbis attributes its success to its ability to adapt to the ever-changing trends in the market. In a short 2018 documentary of Orbis, co-founder Arya Dibi expresses his journey of growing the brand. “From the skate scene, to hip-hop and now dance music, no store is able to represent these different eras better than us.” In an attempt to embody this spirit, Orbis launches its SS21 collection titled ‘Energy Maximum’ which explores the idea of amping up your energy at full throttle and reaching one’s full potential.

Orbis’ brazen personality is written all over the range through its loud graphics and vivid colors. In this collection, exclusively available online, you’ll find a crew neck sweatera nod to the Grateful dead and shirts plastered with Orbis’ iconic bear logo, contrast stitched shorts, and a corduroy cap to add more flair to your getups. Not to be missed are their staple graphic tees, this time around the streetwear label adds touches of fades and tie-dyes, contrasting them against top-stitches and glitchy graphics. The tie-dye shirts, with smears of neon green and gray, exemplifies the idea of “Energy Maximum” further, with prints of eery figures floating around, each paired with letters to form the label’s name: O-R-B-I-S.”  

Befittingly named ‘Energy Maximum’, this collection is ORBIS flooring the gas pedal in style, flexing their talent and dedication to pave a path for local streetwear to thrive.