On the Label: DIBBA

Ayu Swasti Amandari
21st October 2018
On the Label is a series where we place the spotlight on various local fashion labels through a brief and digestible introduction. Now we cast our eyes to DIBBA, a ready-to-wear label that fuses colourful, eccentric prints into clothes designed for modern-day citizens who wish to make a bold statement.

Started in 2016, DIBBA is a fashion label started by four founders — Faisal Shah, Ykha Amelz, Claudia Adinda, and Swaragita Andika — who long to have clothes that can make them ‘have fun’ with fashion again. Thus, DIBBA was born, whose namesake was coined from the founders’ go-to-mojo when working on the label, “Dis better be awesome!”

The brand first launched into the scene with their debut collection PRIMAL, which showed at Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week in 2016. The collection bears similarity to their 2018 collection of the same name, where the pieces are supercharged with eye-popping fluorescent-hued patterns of blooms and animals such as panther, monkey and birds. Indeed, throughout the years, the label has developed a unique identity with their flair for eclectic and striking prints inspired by Indonesia’s heritage, fused with elements from other cultures.

Despite the label’s playful nature, elegance and sophistication remain an important part of DIBBA’s DNA. With dashes of modernity on its tailoring, DIBBA plays with traditional silhouettes to keep it contemporary and up to date. Take for example the embroidered navy suit jacket from the PRIMAL collection, the classic garment is taken to a different height with the addition of the cape-like silhouette, a perfect fit for the day’s dynamic woman.

Though DIBBA is known mostly for its women’s collection, their daywear is designed for both genders. Tailored shirts, wide-legged trousers, and stylish kimono jackets arrive in loose-fitting silhouettes and lightweight fabrics, which of course, are all imbued with the brand’s signature patterns.

Though Claudia and Swaragita have left the brand since the end of 2017 (the brand is now under the helm of Faisal and Ykha, with their new in-house designer, Stella Budiarjo), DIBBA continues to evolve their enthusiasm for prints. Their recent Fall/Winter 2018 collection Stranger Danger drew its inspiration from Mongolia’s attempt to invade Javanese empire in 1293. Striking imageries that represent the epic battle come to life within the collection’s dominant bold colour scheme. With elements of Mongolian traditional costume fused into the designs – high collar, wide sleeves and structured geometrical panels — this may be DIBBA’s most stunning collection yet.

Not only that, the garments’ impeccable hand embroidery and embellishments prove them as worthy collectable items to add to your personal collection. While some may need a boost of confidence to wear DIBBA, one can’t deny that these are surely clothes to wear when one wishes to have fun and counter the daily stress in the metropolis.