Manual Pick: Riders & Rules Clubman Helmet

by Elizabeth Sihombing
25th June 2020
The vintage cut, the high-shine gloss and the cool biker-look charmed us into Riders & Rules’ Clubman helmet for Manual Pick, a series where we highlight items we love and desire that range from remarkably banal to mucho fancy.

What could be the case to own a helmet? For the daily riders, it’s obviously the number one safety shield. But as we go, even non-bikers would be appealed to own the gear: e-hailing motorcycles has become a normalcy of daily commute, thus wearing the one-size-fits-all helmets passed on from one wearer to another is easily foul.

Established in 2015, Bandung-based Riders & Rules offers a selection of minimalistic retro-inspired designs that stands out against the utilitarian approach found in the usual. While most helmet shops focus on safety rather than appeal, the brand flairs helmets with clean and classic designs on top of well-crafted safety measures–fitting for the riders who covet a stylish piece to rock.

For a smart and vintage cut, the Clubman is an unobtrusive half-helmet lid, sturdy for riding but lightweight to carry around for those who are always on the go. The design effortlessly appeals to the fashion-conscious: slim-fitted yet snug with padding. In classic black or white, the gear’s high-shine finish is irresistible to touch; and you just know it’s the kind that ages well with time and wear. Complete with a lambskin rim, an oldie D-ring buckle and the emblem front and centre at the crown, it’s a look with a cultish biker quality that’s nothing short of cool. 

Whether you’re looking to upgrade as a daily rider or a casual passenger on the back, consider investing in a proper helmet that snags in style. Well-crafted, versatile, and stylish to boot, the Clubman will not only be that picture-perfect gear, but also a functional one to own for your daily routine.



Riders and Rules Clubman Helmet – IDR 1,725,000 — Riders and Rules Website