Manual Jakarta x bits & bobs: The City Tote

by Erdira Wirengjurit
18th June 2019
In this exclusive collaboration with bits & bobs, we have launched The City Tote, a collection of bags and stationery as a tribute to Jakarta and its upcoming anniversary that encapsulates our honest thoughts of this dear and chaotic capital city.

Ah, Jakarta. Southeast Asia’s biggest metropole stirs curiosity to those who have never been and induces slight anxiety to its inhabitants. It’s a capital city and home to twelve million people of all backgrounds who come flocking in hopes of finding opportunities and fulfilling dreams. Where tales of woe and fortune abound, there’s bound for a word or two to be said of this city.

It’s in collaboration with bits & bobs that we created The City Tote, where we speak honest thoughts of this dear and chaotic city that we call home. In conjunction with Jakarta’s 492nd anniversary this upcoming June 22, this collection is our tribute to living and breathing in Jakarta with all its merits and shortcomings.

As we compiled our thoughts for the collection, we’ve concluded that the close to five centuries that have decorated Jakarta makes this one a city in eternal progress. As Jakartans, we’re all too familiar with the city’s ups and downs and how they affect our daily lives. For the times where the curve looks up, it’s not unusual that it’s followed by a pitfall that hinders the stride from being a great one. In a way, the city is paving its own way to success with trials and tribulations that, for better or for worse, give us mixed but endearing feelings about Jakarta.

Thus, this collection speaks of the relationship we’ve forged with Jakarta. In bits & bobs’ signature products, The City Tote collection comprises of three reversible tote bags, one reversible sling pouch and a 2in1notebook, with taglines that best represent our feelings about Jakarta. These thoughts are for Jakarta in its best and worse attributes in lightweight honesty. As the collection launches, we hope you see the humour we brace when we look at this home of ours.


The City Tote is an exclusive collaboration with bits & bobs and is available for purchase from 18 June 2019 onwards. To shop the collection, visit bits & bobs’ webstore at