On The Label: TANGAN

by Audrey Karina
13th March 2016
On The Label is a series where we place the spotlight on various local fashion labels through a brief and digestible introduction. First up, it's TANGAN.

TANGAN is a fashion label established in early 2015 by Margaretha Novianty, a former fashion editor of AMICA Indonesia and Zico Halim, a renowned creative consultant for various retail brands. Leveraging on their strengths, TANGAN features polished daywear with a modern streak.

The name, which literally means ‘Hand’ in Bahasa Indonesia, suggests the potential of human hands in constructing imperfect but compelling creations. Unfinished hemlines and asymmetrical lengths are purposefully incorporated to underscore the label’s inclination in finding beauty in imperfections.

For Spring-Summer 2016 debut collection, ‘SEX’ is an articulation of the broad thought process behind ‘raw beauty’ that is sensual and thrilling, rather than vulgar and offensive. Featuring clean silhouettes and various yet familiar fabrics such as Shantung, wool and cotton, the collection immediately puts a minimalist and sophisticated stamp on TANGAN’s aesthetic.



e: info@tangan.co

w: www.tangan.co