On The Label: Rinda Salmun

by Gana Adi
17th April 2016
On The Label is a series where we place the spotlight on various local fashion labels through a brief and digestible introduction. Now it’s time for Rinda Salmun, an eponymous label with a penchant for infusing edgy elements of art into its collection.

Equipped with a handful of experience in fashion houses in the United Kingdom, Singapore and Indonesia – including a stint in the global brand Giorgio Armani and Indonesian label Adjie Notonegoro –  Rinda Salmun decided to launch her eponymous label in 2010.

The core of Rinda Salmun label strongly lies on the designer’s educational background, a fine arts bachelor degree from Bandung Institute of Technology and a masters degree in fashion from Ravensbourne College in London. Rinda, whom prefers to introduce herself as an art graduate and fashion practitioner, combines striking features from various artworks into her label, resulting in ‘wearable art’ that is playful and at once, daring.

Bold lines and unusual cutouts on paneled tops, vivid prints on cocktail dresses, workwears that are injected with playful cuttings and arresting prints; these are only some of Rinda Salmun’s signature styles that have successfully put her name under the local fashion spotlight. Known for her bold approach, the collection is often unabashed in its celebration of daring women , but it is balanced out with its body fitting silhouettes that convey a street chic sensibility.

The same elements are conveyed in her Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Titled Sangkuriang, Rinda’s rendition of the Sundanese legend is translated into a collection that runs the gamut from silk to lace to leather. It is then amplified with the application of colour blocking and sunflower prints (designed by emerging Indonesian illustrator Agra Satria) emblazoned over some of the articles.

After making a mark with a show in London Fashion Week and being a regular in Jakarta Fashion Week, Rinda Salmun’s own approach to fashion is a fresh air in the local fashion sphere, proving her knack for marrying artistic prints with fashion.


Rinda Salmun

e: rindasalmun@gmail.com