Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 Pronunciation Guide

by Julius Kensan
1st November 2014
No one wants to be caught mispronouncing names of figures in fashion. Here’s a guide to the phonetic pronunciation of designers and labels that are showing in Jakarta Fashion Week this year.

Jakarta Fashion Week is in full swing from today and it is going to be a week filled with fashionable stars and rubbing shoulders with famous names in the fashion industry. But if there is one thing that is not fashion, it is to mispronounce labels and designer’s name. Here we equip you with the phonetic pronunciations of leading and upcoming names in Indonesia’s fashion industry so that you won’t be caught embarrassing yourself.


Sapto Djojokartiko

The solo-born designer is, perhaps, one of the biggest names in Indonesia’s fashion industry. Known for his enigmatic yet feminine aesthetic, Djojokartiko infused old-colonial romanticism with modern womenswear that is both ethereal and sculptural at the same time. If there is one name to namedrop during this Jakarta Fashion Week, his will be it.


Toton Januar

Toton, named after the designer Toton Januar himself, is a modern womenswear label that has been making fashion waves ever since it started in 2012. With an experience in Parsons New School of Designs, Januar continues to blend traditional Indonesian fabrics into his collection with modern woman in mind. To wit, Januar has incorporated “lurik”, a traditional Javanese hand-woven fabric, for his F/W 2013 collection and translated them into wearable vests and dresses.


Tex Saverio

Tex Saverio is most likely a name that needs no introduction. Even if you’re not familiar with this designer, you’re most likely to have chanced upon his creations on big international stars, such as Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian. Remember Katniss Everdeen’s (Jennifer Lawrence) silver wedding dress in Hunger Games? Well, now you know where it’s from. Expect to see exquisite creations rooted in phantasmagorical sensibility from Tex Saverio in his upcoming show.



Started by Felicia Budi, fbudi has managed to fly just below the radar even though it has already been around since 2010. Come this Jakarta Fashion Week, Felicia will be taking fbudi to a new ground where she is best known for exploring designs using unorthodox materials, such as Tyvek (a synthetic material). Her creation for fbudi is an arresting marriage between avant-gardism and wearability.



Established since 2009, Monstore is a well-known street label for those who are still pretty much young at heart. The label consists of basic-based, relaxed silhouette with occasional daring cutting that the young-at-heart would love to wear on daily basis or even on daily occasion.