Jakarta Fashion Week 2015: Day 3

by Julius Kensan
4th November 2014
Can women truly have it all? Show coverage and short reviews from Vinora and Toton.

Can women truly have it all? Is it possible for her to manage a successful career in the business arena then return to her nest as a home goddess while nurturing her children and keeping her husband happy at the same time?

It appears that to be a modern woman in this era, you can’t survive on strength and determination alone. You got to multi-task.

Vinora provided solutions that came in a collection full of easy and wearable everyday pieces for women who wish to have it all. It was a straightforward collection that hit all the right spots. All the pieces looked like they were made for a purpose. And they do. These are clothes a woman can wear to a boardroom meeting; to pick up her children from school; to attend a low-key cocktail party. No time for sports? Don’t worry, a coffee-coloured suit jacket with ribbed polo shirt collar will suggest that you do.

But if you were to look closely enough, there’s plenty of sensuality to behold beneath the no-nonsense surface of the collection. A refined white trenchcoat came in almost see-through jacquard fabric. Likewise a proper jacquard skirt featured a high middle slit.

Designer Vinora Ng seems to suggest that a woman can, indeed, have it all. But proceed with caution. As models marched out during the closing, the soundtrack sang, “Too much of a good thing is going to be the end of me”. Thus at the same time, as the saying goes, be careful of what you wish for.

Toton Januar loves flowers. There is no dispute about that. For the past few collections, the floral theme has always been present. And that include his latest spring collection too. Only this time round, it isn’t the floral as one would expect. The talented designer is someone who loves to rise above expectations.

And with that, Toton sent out an army of punk flower fairies. It’s fascinating to see how tough the girls looked even when they were adorned in pristine white and floral lace. Some of the pieces appeared to be ripped (although neatly), to expose the inner mesh linings, which gave a peek-a-boo effect. In addition, frayed denim formed around the ripped sections like rebellious tiny spiky hair.

Retro floral floor tiles prints also replaced typical floral motifs, where they were applied onto tops and skirts like paper collage. Seams curved liberally around the body and subconsciously led the audience’s eyes to the details of the prints. The energy of the clothes was infectious, coupled by the fact that the models marched down coolly to the profanities-laden soundtrack of Die Antwoord’s Baby’s On Fire.

Beautiful pieces aside, it was a confident collection filled with real attitude for women to go out and run the world. Here, it is not much of a matter of whether a woman can have it all or not. Rather, it is more crucial to be able to get what she want.