Preview to IKAT/eCUT

by Pingkan Palilingan
10th March 2017
Here's a preview to IKAT/eCUT, an exhibition organised by Goethe Institut that highlights the undesirable effects of fast fashion as well as the merits of slow fashion.

IKAT/eCUT, an exhibition organised by Goethe Institut, invites the public to be critical towards the clothes we are wearing. Freshly launched yesterday in Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem, IKAT/eCUT features a number of fringe events that span for a month, starting from March 9th to April 9th.

One of the main highlights of IKAT/eCUT is the exhibition that pushes two themes to the fore: Fast Fashion and Slow Fashion, which are showcased in Gudang Sarinah. “We wanted [the theme] “Fast Fashion” to come to Indonesia, as the topic of textile industries and consumerism is very relevant here. While at the same time Indonesia has a really rich culture of traditional textiles and handcrafted textile production,” says Anna-Maria Strauß, the Director of Cultural Programme for Goethe Institut.

Fast Fashion – The Dark Side of Fashion takes a look at the making-of process in the textile industry, where it reveals a huge number of unethical, grisly reality that we, as consumers, are often unaware of. On the other hand, The Slow Fashion LAB offers a breath of fresh air. Focusing on ethical and sustainable methods in producing fashion, the LAB showcases some of the most prominent local labels that promotes the DIY culture in Indonesia.

One of the local fashion figures who participate in the LAB is Auguste Soesastro, who created an upcycled jacket from pineapple and silk. “Auguste is the only haute couture designer that is involved in Slow Fashion LAB. He is very aware of sustainable production,” says Aprina Murwanti, Curator of The Slow Fashion LAB. Through the LAB, Aprina aspires to show that Indonesia can contribute something to resolve the global issue in fashion; one way to do it is by practicing DIY fashion.

Aside from the exhibition, on the lighter side, some of the fringe events such as Repair Fair and Swap With Me Baby! attempt to encourage the public to appreciate clothes in a fun and interactive way. There’s also Handmade Fabric Dayan activity where visitors can observe the delicate and meticulous process behind slow fashion.

All in all, IKAT/eCUT is an exhibition you wouldn’t want to miss, as it provides an extensive study towards the art, design, tradition and technology of textile. Not only it would change one’s perspective towards the textile industry, it would also be a great reminder for one to appreciate one’s clothes.

IKAT/eCUT is running until April 9th and opens everyday from 10am-7pm at Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem, Hall A4. For more information on schedule of the programs, visit


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