Fashion Story: Siesta Session

22nd June 2017
Whether it’s a quick snooze or long nap, nothing beats a little break in the afternoon and most Jakartans definitely get the memo.

Even with the constant busyness, Jakarta is pretty much a sleepy city. Just glance around during the afternoon and you’ll notice the city’s inhabitants sneaking in a brief “me time” by catching a wink.

Amusingly, inconvenient location and the poor choice of bed don’t pose any problem at all: street vendor leaning back against the chair with chin dropped to chest, security guard sprawling on the narrow wooden bench and motorist skillfully lying on top of their bike. You get the picture.

Still, one doesn’t need to look far. Just peep around your office and you’ll most likely to find your colleagues taking a nap on the desk, especially after a heavy lunch or during the approaching golden hour.

To some, it is a waste of time. But to those who get it, a terrific siesta is an affordable form of luxury many failed to utilise.


Fashion Editor – Julius Kensan
Photographer – Liandro N. I. Siringoringo and Dominicus Damaran
Text – Julius Kensan


Image 1
On her: Red slit tank dress by Seratus Kapas.

Image 2
On him: Indigo batik lotus long sleeve shirt by Bluesville.

Image 3
On her: Moonflower dress by Ensemble.

Image 4
On him: Indigo zip zakara by Bluesville.

Image 5
On her: Olive wisteria wrap skirt by Ensemble. White top, model’s own.

Image 6
From left: Julia wears primrose shirtdress by Ensemble over recreation skirt by Seratus Kapas. Sandro wears detachable denim sakara by Bluesville and his own black pants. Both of them are napping on top of blue and grey duotone throw by SULLA.

Image 7
On him: Indigo keepsake sakara by Bluesville and blue and grey duotone throw by SULLA. Black shirt, model’s own.

Image 8
On him: Dyer’s denim type B jacket by Bluesville.


Models – Julia Hutagalung and Sandro Mahendra

Fashion Assistant – Sandy Indahsari