Fashion Story: Plastic Parade

6th April 2017
In our very first editorial spread, we put the highlight on the unceasing rainy weather of Jakarta where donning colourful plastic covers is the norm.

When storm clouds gather and spill out rain, the Tokyoites turn to see-through umbrellas and Londoners rely on their waterproof trench coats and Wellington boots. Jakartans’ solution in combating the inconvenient weather could not be placed under the category of chic or sophisticated, but they are charming nonetheless.

Perhaps, it’s a defiant opposition to the hassles and gloominess that are induced by the rain. It is during this time that bright colours, one by one, start to pop up on the streets. Pedestrians and motorists alike donning orange, red, yellow or green in the forms of plastic raincoats, sometimes in mismatched colour-blocking combo that juts out amongst the sea of monochromatic cars.

Not only are these plastic raincoats practical and work better against the aggressive rain that so often pummels the city compared to umbrella, it is much more portable and easy on the wallet too (though you pay for what you get, as cheap flimsy thin raincoat will only last you only for a few wears).

During hard-pressed and desperate moment, it is not surprising to see people resorting to plastic bags and fashion them into armour against the rain. Sometimes it is amusing to spot individuals wearing plastic carriers, as a hat or a top, from establishments, such as Hypermart or J. CO Donuts, like a walking advertisement. An entertaining example of the “symbiotic relationship” between capitalism and consumer within the city of Jakarta.


Fashion Editor – Julius Kensan

Photographer – Liandro N. I. Siringoringo

Text – Julius Kensan


Image One

Vina wears mint Atlas bra top by LAISON by Aurelia Santoso.

Image Two

Richard wears blue t-shirt by Orbis, olive green sweatpants FFF from Footurama (worn throughout) and Air Max 90 Ultra 2.0 Flyknit by Nike from Our Daily Dose (black socks, model’s own, worn throughout).

Image Three

(From left) Madeline wears midnight coat by NIKICIO BLACK LABEL and Cosmopolitan Black platform sandals by Melissa.

Vina wears rust parka coat by RAINS from The Watch Co. and white Cotropew platform sneakers by Superga.

Richard wears grey t-shirt by Orbis and Naka Noir sandals by Hijack Sandals.

Image Four

Jazlyn wears mustard Altair bustier top by LAISON by Aurelia Santoso.

Image Five

Ariawan (left) wears Street Racer hoodie by FFF X Nothing from Footurama and B.O.G Limitless Evoknit by Puma from Our Daily Dose (black pants, model’s own, worn throughout).

Richard wears black Cikini City Pack t-shirt by FFF from Footurama and Alto Black sandals by Hijack Sandals. Both models wear “I Am Not Plastic” plastic bag as leg band.

Image Six

Hullia wears pink Fleep Jacket by LAISON by Aurelia Santoso (worn throughout).

Image Seven

Madeline (left) wears palm print long sleeve top by NIKICIO BLACK LABEL and powder blue rain coat by RAINS from The Watch Co..

Jocelyn wears Jum Romper by Argyle & Oxford from The Goods Dept. (black bra top, model’s own).

Image Eight

(From Left) Ariawan wears bomber jacket by QUTN from The Goods Dept., Jap~style black shirt by madebyphantasma and sneakers by Superga Sport (white socks, model’s own).

Jazlyn wears black one piece by NIKICIO BLACK LABEL, green cross bag by RAINS from The Watch Co. and olive Elastic Dance heels by Melissa.

Hullia wears red sweatpants by FFF from Footurama and pink Sportech platform sandals by Melissa.

Jocelyn wears white Rawa Buaya City Pack t-shirt by FFF from Footurama, olive green pants by All March from The Goods Dept., white Cotropew platform sneakers by Superga and rust parka coat by RAINS from The Watch Co..


Models – Ariawan S. Wibowo, Hullia Ratu Tiara, Madeline M. Ruspandy, Richard Adinugraha, Jazlyn Melody, Jocelyn Kristanto and Vina Rahayu.

Makeup – Monica Simbolon

Hair – Novita Andriani

Fashion Assitant – Pingkan Palilingan, Sandy Indahsari, Immanuel J. Palar and Marissa Irene Uli.

Photography Assistant – Dominicus Damaran

Logistic – Thea Ilona