Duma’s Closet

By Ayu Swasti Amandari
18th January 2019
First started off online, Duma takes its line-up of elegant and sophisticated clothes to its lush and dreamy flagship store, located just a few steps away from Titik Temu in Senopati.

The upscale housing complex of Jenggala may have found its way into conversations these days, being the home of the now-famed Titik Temu Coffee. But, for the ladies out there, things may get better as you stumbled upon Duma’s flagship store that sits adjacent to the coffee shop.

Founded in 2015, Duma is a womenswear fashion label founded by Eunike Sariaatmadja and Natashia Midori. Though the brand started off online, Duma has finally grown to extend its offering into a brick-and-mortar store to offer customers physical shopping experience.

To boot, the small boutique covers the front and the back end of the residence. Fashioned in a feminine and soft colourways, the shop oozes sophistication with touches of minimalism that very much reflects the brand’s aesthetic. For one, a chandelier with pastel ornaments is placed at the centre to adorn the retail space with a chic, contemporary feel.

Likewise, the boutique’s nature and subdued space would make anyone’s visit feels intimate; as if they are walking into their own (dream) closet. Along the tidy rows of clothes on display (which are also available on its website), find coveted wardrobe essentials, knits or formal-wear for your choice of occasions, mostly arrive in earth and pastels hues, as well as monochrome for timeless attires.

Sure, online shopping may be favoured these days for its efficiency and ‘easy’ customer experience. But the ‘old-fashioned’, true retail experience remains ever a welcomed alternative. And who can refuse when it is as pleasant as you would have here, especially when a cup of joe is due just a few steps ahead.