The Crumble Crew

by Immanuel J. Palar, Julius Kensan and Sandy Indahsari
26th May 2017
A popular hangout spot for the city’s fitness enthusiasts, the lifestyle joint Crumble Crew is livening up SCBD with tenants like Cyclo, Nalu Bowls and Mangan Mangan.

Senopati Central Business District (SCBD) may be known for being the city’s financial district with tall towers, but it is also filled with fitness establishments and enthusiasts. Just drop by the area during weekend and one could find a mix of joggers and cyclists making the round.

Located at the edge of SCBD, Crumble Crew is a lifestyle joint that is quickly establishing itself as a pit stop for office workers on weekdays and fitness enthusiasts on weekends. With tenants, such as Cyclo that caters to cycling community and Nalu Bowls serving up healthy smoothies, it’s little wonder that it is quickly swarmed with visitors.

But be sure to drop by Crumble Crew regularly as the establishment will unveil more F&B tenants plus activities in the near future.

Who would have guessed that cycling and coffee would make such a harmonious combo? With the capital’s cycling community stopping by for a caffeine boost, Cyclo is quickly turning into an essential coffee pit stop. But given its name, it’s really no surprise.

Visitors can expect to enjoy their coffee in a laidback environment. But apart from coffee, Cyclo also sells bike apparel under the same roof. Allowing customers to have the options to enjoy their fresh brew while browsing at the selection of cycling outfits.

Despite a core audience of cyclists, the café is open for everyone, with clientele changing throughout the week. Come early weekend and the establishment is swarmed with cyclists and runners. But on weekdays, visitors in office attire can be seen getting their caffeine fix here. It’s no doubt that Cyclo easily attracts customers of any background, but they can always count on their regulars to show up early on weekend mornings.

Nalu Bowls
Fans of fresh and colourful smoothie bowl from Nalu will certainly welcome their second branch fact in SCBD, where it is much more reachable compared to its first spot in Kemang Timur.

And it’s a good move too, given the area is filled with health conscious individuals looking for a healthy after sweating it out in nearby soul cycle or cross fit session.

There are a handful of options here but Uluwatu (dragon fruit bowl) and Teahupo’o (superfood bowl) are easily the establishment’s popular choices. And don’t be fooled by its look, one bowl of them will easily fill your rumbling tummy to satisfaction.

Don’t be surprise if the spot is filled with Gojek drivers, as there are most likely sent by nearby office workers who are in need of a quick snack during lunch amid their busy schedule.

Mangan Mangan
A tendency in being slightly sweeter than usual as well as unpretentious serving are just some of the nature of Javanese food, which make it a comfort food option for many Indonesians. Yet, those aren’t the only things that one should expect from Mangan Mangan.

Serving up traditional Javanese dishes, Mangan Mangan pays a careful attention to the taste of each dish they served. You won’t find it overly sweet nor spicy here and that is thanks to owner Nunit Hertina Wulandari, where her previous cooking experience has contributed to the fine tuning of taste.

Choices like Sego Dendeng Lambok (rice served with spicy beef jerky) or Bakso Kampung Special (Meatballs soup served with rissoles) are the establishment’s recommended dishes that will surely leave you satisfied. Or you could try their Rujak Kacang Awur (fruit salad with spicy peanut sauce) that is quickly becoming a favourite option of white-collar workers around the spot during afternoon break.

All in all, whether it is a proper lunch or just a quick recess, one should never pass by Mangan Mangan when in Crumble Crew.

Crumble Crew
Jl. Tulodong Bawah No.1A, SCBD.
Everyday: 7am-10pm