Cyclo Coffee & Apparel (SCBD)

26th May 2017
Located within the lifestyle joint of Crumble Crew, Cyclo Coffee & Apparel is popular with the city’s cycling community, just as the name suggests.

Who would have guessed that cycling and coffee would make such a harmonious combo? With the capital’s cycling community stopping by for a caffeine boost, Cyclo is quickly turning into an essential coffee pit stop. But given its name, it’s really no surprise.

Residing within the lifestyle establishment of Crumble Crew, the café serves up coffee in a laidback environment. Apart from coffee, Cyclo also sells bike apparel under the same roof. Allowing customers to have the options to enjoy their fresh brew while browsing at the selection of cycling outfits.

Despite a core audience of cyclists, the café is open for everyone, with clientele changing throughout the week. Come early weekend and the establishment is swarmed with cyclists and runners. But on weekdays, visitors in office attire can be seen getting their caffeine fix here. It’s no doubt that Cyclo easily attracts customers of any background, but they can always count on their regulars to show up early on weekend mornings.