Mangan Mangan (SCBD)

26th May 2017
Housed in Crumble Crew, Mangan Mangan serves up delish Javanese dishes that live up to one’s expectation of the traditional cuisine.

A tendency in being slightly sweeter than usual as well as unpretentious serving are just some of the nature of Javanese food, which make it a comfort food option for many Indonesians. Yet, those aren’t the only things that one should expect from Mangan Mangan that is housed inside the lifestyle joint of Crumble Crew in SCBD.

Serving up traditional Javanese dishes, Mangan Mangan pays a careful attention to the taste of each dish they served. You won’t find it overly sweet nor spicy here and that is thanks to owner Nunit Hertina Wulandari, where her previous cooking experience has contributed to the fine tuning of taste.

Choices like Sego Dendeng Lambok (rice served with spicy beef jerky) or Bakso Kampung Special (Meatballs soup served with rissoles) are the establishment’s recommended dishes that will surely leave you satisfied. Or you could try their Rujak Kacang Awur (fruit salad with spicy peanut sauce) that is quickly becoming a favourite option of white-collar workers around the spot during afternoon break.

All in all, whether it is a proper lunch or just a quick recess, one should never pass by Mangan Mangan when in Crumble Crew.