Work Smart, Play Hard at Coworkinc

by Julius Kensan
18th March 2015
The latest co-working space, Coworkinc, has arrived in Kemang, giving more options for freelancers and young entrepeneurs.

New startups and freelancers should not be unaccustomed to the idea of co-working by now, especially when co-working spaces like Conclave and Tier Space have made their presence felt in Jakarta.

The latest inclusion is Coworkinc, an unassuming space that perched itself on top of a three-storey building in Kemang. Coworkinc is a venture that two of the co-founders, Dian and Cynthia Hasan, a married couple, hold close to their heart.

The couple noticed that, back in America, both of their sons (or younger generations in general) are more drawn to work in a co-working space, whether they are undergraduates, freelancers or entrepreneurs and such space fosters a thriving creative community. As such, Coworkinc was established to bridge that gap in Jakarta where fresh and creative talents are able to find a nurturing spot to pursue their goals.

Coworkinc strongly believes in the value of networking (there is a fortnight event called Netwarming session where the new and seasoned industry players gather) as one of the resources to help one’s business grow. As if to lead by example, Coworkinc has already joined hand with Common Grounds for its modest café and Eugenio Hendro from Nook Living for its arresting furniture.

Apart from co-working space that includes private meeting rooms, there is also event space that resembles a comfy living room suitable for those looking for an intimate touch.

Thanks to the glass walls, Coworkinc may take up only a floor but it is remarkably airy and spacious. Coupled with the fact that it is located on top of the building, one’s brief break includes calming view of Kemang, not to mention the painterly sunset as well.

Once in awhile, don’t be surprised to find Cynthia coming over to ask how you’re doing. The jovial lady takes delight in getting to know new people and the works that they do. Introverts may be alarmed at this point but, of course, be mindful that success involves stepping out of the comfort zone. And you’ll be glad to know that the latter will be executed in the most engaging way possible.

As a matter of fact, the experience in Coworkinc is wonderfully holistic. One gets the feeling that while it is important to work hard, this is a congregation that also strongly subscribes to the crucial value of working smart.



Wimo Building, 3rd Fl.

Jl. Kemang 1 No. 7

tel: +62 21 7177 0061 / 719 2629