Conclave: Acing the Co-working Space

by Julius Kensan
14th January 2015
Now that Conclave is here with a stimulating place where independent creative entrepreneurs and professionals can gather, communicate and support one another, it's time to start that project that you've been longing to realise.

How would you like to work in a beautifully designed space minus the feeling of being “chained-to-a-desk”? Conclave, founded by Marshall Utoyo, is a co-working space established from the lack of infrastructure that supports the growing creative energy in Jakarta.

Whether it is an hour, a month or a year, Conclave’s flexible charge allows individuals to plan their work according to their own timeline.

With its contemporary minimalist designs of the interior, it is easy to assume that Conclave is initiated mainly for the folks in the creative industry. But Marshall stressed that Conclave welcomes all and having folks from different industries help to establish a unique and diverse community, which allows them to thrive.

In short, Conclave is a stimulating space for independent creative entrepreneurs and professionals to get their work done or simply to kick start it. Conclave also recognises the importance of designs as an incredible stimulant to get the creative juice flowing, which resulted in an impressive space. Therefore, it instinctively showed that design is not a privilege but a right.

The Worker’s Space located on basement is a space where one rolls up their sleeves and get hands-on. Though it is compact and may not be perfectly equipped with heavy-duty machines and tools, it still allows one to experiment on screen-printing, metalworking and woodcutting as well as product photography at their own leisure.

For a quick break, one could enjoy a fast and easy meal at Mie Koro just outside the Worker’s Space or head up to ground floor where the modest library is located for a quick inspiration.

Second floor is the heart of Conclave itself. Instead of rows of cubicles, like a typical 9 to 5 office space, long communal tables and single desks are generously distributed to encourage and foster collaborative spirit. It’s not all work and no play, there’s also a common game room for one to let off some steam from constant work.

Elsewhere, a soundproofed corporate conference room gives room for intimate and important meeting. A spacious auditorium, which fits up to 125 people, rounds off the second floor with a delightful touch where it provides an ideal spot for close-knits events such as, product launch presentation and even talkshow.

Finally, third floor is set aside for a more permanent office space. Even though, one gets the sense that important ideas and tasks are carried out in this space, nothing seems stiff and frigid. And since it is open 24/7, it feels as though you’re in a large personal study room at your own home.

Now there’s one more solid reason to start that project that you’ve been longing to realise.


Jl. Wijaya No. 5C

+62 21 2751 0239

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