Tier Space: Co-working Made Easy

by Julius Kensan
3rd February 2015
“Co-working” is the word to get acquainted with this year. The latest addition, Tier Space is another reason to shift your routine of working in a café to a more productive co-working space instead.

Co-working space appears to be in its promising time at the moment. Tier Space is another new addition that adds to the number of such establishment and it is definitely not going to be the last.

But, don’t simply write this off as another trend yet. One gets the feeling that it is really all about business than pleasure in Tier Space. Its location in SCBD also helps to reinforce that belief.

Propelled by the constant traffic jam and lack of affordable working space in Jakarta, Tier Space aims to provide a more productive ambience for young start-ups to carry out their meetings or research. Instead of spending hours in a café with only one drink and stressing about the lack of privacy or even lousy Wi-Fi connection, all of those nuisances are easily avoided in Tier Space.

There are plenty of small private and meeting rooms to carry out meetings or presentations in Tier Space. But, the latter also recognised the importance of networking as one of the building blocks for a successful start-up. That’s why it won’t be hard to get acquainted with new friends and ended up exchanging innovative ideas when you’re in Tier Space.

To start on a new project alone can come across as a daunting task. If that’s you, then it might just do you good to plant yourself in a co-working space where the chance of getting into a unique collaboration is higher than when, say, sitting in a lonely corner of a café by yourself.



Jl. Bhakti No. 10

+62 21 29126145