Brightspot 2015

by Manual Jakarta
22nd September 2015
In the midst of endless local markets and bazaars, Brightspot emerged fresh and unyielding still as the pioneer of local creative markets in Jakarta. Check out the coverage here.

Jakarta has played host to countless of creative bazaars and markets, those that showcase local start-up business in particular. As the pioneer that first initiated the concept of local creative bazaars, Brightspot comes to the fore in the midst of endless local bazaars and markets that are lacking in identity.

This year, Brightspot has grown bigger and better. Bigger, because the market occupied two mega tents, unlike their previous ones. Better, for they arrived with more tenants with names and labels ranging from Nikicio, The Goods Dept, Shop at Velvet, Voyej, and From Tiny Islands in the fashion line; Beau, The Halal Boys, Dawn & Willow, and Machete in the F&B squad; and lastly, to creative communities such as Indoestri and Asosiasi Desainer Grafis Indonesia (ADGI). 

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