Creating Creative Minds with Indoestri

by Manual Jakarta
7th October 2014
Indoestri, a creative foundation and space, is opening its door to the public with open house and workshops conducted at every weekend in the month of October.

Last week saw the soft opening of Indoestri, a creative foundation and space targeted specially at talented local individuals and independent designers in realising their idea or their own startup business.

In the most traditional sense, think of it as a factory where it has workshop areas to carry out the process of manufacturing product, such as woodworking and metalworking. But in the most untraditional sense, Indoestri is sharpening its focus on individual’s creative process in accomplishing their concept.

To mark the opening of Indoestri, workshops will be held at every weekend of October. The first workshop held last week was tote bag making class where attendees acquired skill in making classic tote bag with leather straps with “Self Made” print on it (Self Made is a movement initiated by Indoestri to promote participation in the process of creating a product, from initial idea to the end product).

Even if you’re unable to attend the workshop, Indoestri is also opening its door for free daily tour in the month of October from 1pm – 5pm.


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