The Halal Boys

2nd July 2015
If you're familiar with New York City's The Halal Guys then it's time to cosy up to Jakarta's The Halal Boys. The Halal Boys brings a taste of the Big Apple's street food to Jakarta with their straightforward lamb and chicken rice bowl.

What makes a city ‘a city of its own’ is its distinct traits that afford the kind of experiences nowhere else can offer.

Wander off to New York City; the Big Apple is acclaimed for its series of prominent features from A to Z. Among them, it is not hard to name a food cart that is distinctly New York. One of such is definitely The Halal Guys’ famous chicken and beef platter.

And now, one might want to tighten their seatbelt as this taste of NYC is coming over to Jakarta under the name of The Halal Boys.

However, not to be mistaken, Halal Boys isn’t a franchise of The Halal Guys. Thus, some differences in taste are justifiable. Taking the original flavour purely as a reference, The Halal Boys looks to recreate a recipe that suits the palate of Jakartans.

Furthermore, it carries its own signature tang: from the improvised white sauce to the extremely spicy chili to cater to the locals’ hot tongues. Choices are simple where it is either lamb or chicken. Or you could also have both of them mixed in your rice bowl.

Resting on a section in a parking lot, the new unusual sight of a long queue looks inviting from afar. A box-shaped yellow container and its black stripes are modelled after NYC famed taxi icon, with the familiar remark of ‘the City that never sleeps’ turned into a slogan. Having the aesthetics on point, the uninhibited ambient easily draws range of curious crowds, executives, students and surely Go-Jeks.

With the addition of spots like The Halal Boys, the street food scene of Jakarta is positively getting more and more varied in time to come.