Idyllic Moment in Dawn and Willow

by Julius Kensan
21st March 2015
Embedded in Indoestri, Dawn and Willow’s raw industrial mood induces one to dream of leisure suburban expedition on weekends.

Dawn & Willow is definitely all about pleasure than business, given its uncommon operation hour. Weekend will be the only time one gets to see this establishment in operation.

Lodged in Indoestri, a maker space that regularly conducts a variety of creative craft workshops, Dawn & Willow brings to mind a quaint café found in tranquil suburb of southern states in U.S. that one usually comes across in an indie movie.

The menu focused in on a mixed bag of foods, from Taiwanese Beef Noodle to Quiche Lorraine. To some, it is a nostalgic comfort meal that reminds the time where one spent years in a foreign land.

Located at an industrial area in the West of Jakarta, travelling all the way to Dawn & Willow may seem like a chore for some. But take its remoteness as an asset instead, for you are most likely to find your favourite corner of this establishment waiting for you every weekend.

Still, it’s hard to imagine Dawn & Willow to be bereft of any patrons anyway. Thanks to the popularity of the workshops in Indoestri, the café is unofficially a meeting point for plenty of young entrepreneurs in Jakarta.

At the end of the day, even with its remote location and uncommon operation hour, Dawn & Willow appeared to be content with where it currently stands like a pair of discerning couple that has finally figured out their life (if analogy is needed here). And that adds another appeal to this bewitching spot.