Bound for Wandernorth

by Julius Kensan
27th February 2014
Menswear line Wandernorth aims to guide men along their own personal journey of manhood.

How do you maintain the contemporary spirit of work wear when it comes to menswear? By sticking to the traditions or by ignoring it completely? Fundamentally, Wandernorth is a menswear line that is inspired by craftsmanship, tailor-made products and classic men style such as, the famous Ivy League looks. But, rather than repeating the classics, Wandernorth is more interested in injecting modern sensibility into classic menswear.

Launched since early 2014, to say that Wandernorth specialises in work wear would be unmerited. It is clear that Wandernorth’s aim is to incoporate the casual into semi-formal. Even though the only item one can find on Wandernorth right now is “Personal Shirt”, it is unmistakable that it’s more than just a work wear shirt.

The “Personal” component (other than the fact that it is done by hand) is visible through the details – button shank, “W” mark on the left side of the shirt and a diagonal red stitches on the label. Bottomline, it’s a versatile item that will look appropriate in the rotation of trousers, chino pants or even denim jeans.

Wandernorth plans to introduce more daily essential wear including accessories into the collection in the near future. One can also look forward to special items that will be developed and sold in limited quantity. But for now, it wouldn’t hurt to start building the wardrobe with “Personal Shirt”. Orders will be delivered within three working days. But order-made is also available albeit the longer wait.