Bon Voyej!

by Julius Kensan
27th March 2014
Leather goods label, Voyej keeps it simple without neglecting luxury.

It is indisputable that wallet remains one of the most essential accessories and a silent sartorial representative for any modern man who is worth his salt. Pulling out a beaten down wallet while paying one’s bill is most likely not a pleasant sight to behold.

Started since 2011, Voyej has been focusing on clean and unfussy leather goods that are hand crafted by local artisans. Only vegetable tanned leather is used for every products in Voyej as it ages better than usual raw leather. The label’s tag line, “Journey Starts Here” is an apt description for the relationship between the owner and the wallet. For the colour of the leather itself responds to how one treats their wallet individually such as the usage and treatment, culminating in an end-result that is distinctively yours.

Voyej is definitely for men who values beauty in the small details, like the beautifully turned corner, precise cutting, evenly spaced stitches and solid finishing. It is a label that believes in keeping it super simple while elevating the aura of luxury at the same time.

A wallet is an item that men tend to keep for years. So it is important to treat it as a form of investment instead of something one buy out of impulse. Though it doesn’t have a physical store yet, Voyej can be found in several stockists around the city, including ORBIS, Pot Meets Pop and Stockroom Trade.