ARA: Home of Homegrown Fashion Force

by Julius Kensan
23rd November 2015
With a line-up of emerging and established labels such as fbudi, Peggy Hartanto and TOTON, ARA is establishing itself as the home to homegrown fashion force.

Throw a quick question to your friend on where one can find promising and established local labels under one roof and chances are, the only respond they could muster is “Uhhmm” or “Ehh…”

While ARA is not established simply to be the answer to that question, there’s no denying the fact that it is gratifying to be able to find a handful of Indonesia’s fashion force mingling together in a multi-label concept store. Initiated by local designers, Friederich HermanPeggy Hartanto and Toton Januar, ARA is launched as a platform to showcase the country’s emerging labels. The trio also ropes in former fashion editor, Jo Elaine, to further solidify the concept of the boutique.

Some of these labels may be considered as “emerging”, but they are definitely not new to the industry. Labels like fbudi, Peggy Hartanto and TOTON have garnered a steady following, be it local or international, through seasons of notable works.

Even lesser known label one can find in ARA, like the accessories brand Litany and Rosalyn Citta possess such accomplished merit that it is unlikely they would remain obscured for long. Elsewhere, established labels such as, Kraton Auguste Soesastro and Sapto Djojokartiko wrap-up the impressive line-up of ARA.

Those who eschew the practical convenience of online shopping for a more tactile shopping experience would find ARA as a welcome relief. The boutique’s airy space, further amplified by the rectangular windows overlooking the street, provides ample room to move from one rack to another with ease. In addition, the presence of flowers also further refines boutique without pretence.

The spot on combination of notable local labels and a well-designed space is also a compelling reason why it is only a matter of time that ARA will be at the tip of every Jakarta’s fashion enthusiasts’ tongue.