A Taste of Placyf for Lunch, Lunch for Placyf

by Hilda Nathalia Raina
24th March 2023
Placyf and Lunch for My Husband released a capsule collection that centres around the deli’s star sandwiches, featuring playful crewneck tees, denim lunch bags and multi-style aprons.

“We’ve been friends for a long time and we love brainstorming ideas together as we have very similar creative approaches. We knew we wanted to do a small capsule together to explore the possibilities of collaboration between fashion and F&B as a way to reflect our experiences of both worlds,” shared Yori Atira and Abang M. Rolansyah, the couple behind the sought-after deli sandwiches of Lunch for My Husband (LFMH) on the launch of their capsule collection with Placyf. 

Bridging the two brand’s visual identities, the collection stitches them together in a manner that is graphic-heavy yet playful, directing the focus on the sandwiches. The crewneck black shirt depicts framed European still-life paintings featuring sandwiches, while the white takes cues from Salvador Dali’s surrealist cookbook, ‘Les Diners De Gala’, printed with entries of Yori’s observations during her travels and how the experience inspired her cooking. (“Started the day with prawn and artichoke salad, ended the day with smoked trout with capers vinaigrette and a pomegranate beef tartare.”)

“The black tee represents more of Abang’s graphic design background, so we combined unique LFMH elements with Placyf visuals to illustrate both, while the white focus more on Yori and her dedication to food and cooking. A fictional cookbook seemed fitting to mesh the illustration and Yori’s personal memos,” Ramiz Alamsyah, co-founder of Placyf shared on the design process. 

Even the aprons were designed to be playful in their adaptability, emphasising function while still keeping it casual for daily wear outside the kitchen. Detachable through the horizontal zipper at the front, it can be styled three ways into a full apron, half apron, or a stylish vest. The same denim was also employed to create the insulated roll-top lunch bag to keep meals warm, which playfully reads “Stroll with Haruki. Spend a Night with Roberto. Long Discussion with Arol…” all written with names of the ‘husbands’ from LFMH’s previous sandwich menus. 

They’re the kind of items that make it easy to romanticise time playing around in the kitchen, testing out new recipes or relishing a foreign dish for the very first time—a narrative both brands hope the collaboration will prompt. “Simply remember to have fun, be curious and be imaginative at lunchtime! Whether you’re cooking, eating, or both!” Abang and Yori added.