The 10 Rules by Danny Wicaksono

by Julius Kensan
1st February 2018
This time round, founder of studiodasar and architect Danny Wicaksono shared with us some of the principles he adheres to in the latest series of The 10 Rules.

Danny Wicaksono may not be a household name yet, but chances are you’ve been in a building that he had designed or exhibitions that he had curated before. After accumulating years of experience working under Adi Purnomo of mamostudio and Andra Matin, Danny established his own architectural studio, studiodasar in 2014.

Anjung Salihara is one of his best-known works, where the five-storey building serves to support existing art-related programs from Salihara Community within the compound. When he’s not busy designing, Danny also regularly curates architectural exhibitions, such as “Segar” exhibition where it featured 56 unpublished works from local architects.

These days Danny prioritises his wardrobe based on comfort and presentability, on account that meeting clients is part of his daily routine. Though he’s open to experimenting when it comes to style, there are certain designs that he knows he’ll steer clear from. “I’ll never wear polka dots. It’s just not for me.”


  1.  Develop your own uniform. Danny prefers to put on neutral coloured clothing while at work. “You never know who you’re going to meet. So it’s important to look be presentable at all times.”
  2. Carry a sweater or jacket with you at all times. “Just in case it gets chilly, especially when you’re in the mall.”
  3. Embrace your childhood. “I love t-shirts with cartoon graphics on it, like Flash and Thundercats because you grew up with it and learned values that you still carry until today.”
  4.  Pick footwear that fits your size and medical condition(s). Danny doesn’t believe in sacrificing comfort for style. “I have a problem with my left ankle. So I can’t wear shoes like Converse sneakers, especially if I have to attend events that require standing for a long period of time.”
  5. If you have to wear slipper/sandals, choose one that is not too sloppy. Danny loves his Birkenstock as it “doesn’t look too informal.”
  6. Socks should always be in dark/black colours. “Personally, I go for dark coloured socks because they fit all occasions and don’t get dirty easily.”
  7. Omit accessories to save time.
  8. Don’t be afraid to experiment. “I like clothes with interesting cuts or silhouettes. One shouldn’t be afraid to experiment as long as it’s within your taste preference and comfort.
  9. Use travelling as a chance to try out new styles.
  10. It’s important to feel comfortable. “How you wear is always about how you feel. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing it then don’t do it.”