Meet Me at Titik Temu M Bloc Space

Cindy Julia Tobing
13th January 2020
Bringing over signature coffee and grubs, Titik Temu Coffee’s second abode in the city is a serene hidden gem at the heart of M Bloc Space’s hustle bustle.

Who knew Titik Temu Coffee’s laid back atmosphere could pair well with the vibrant Blok M? Bali’s famed coffee joint first opened its doors in the city at the quiet residential complex of Jenggala in Senopati. Soon enough, the coffee shop found its second home at the buzzy M Bloc Space, bringing over their specialty coffee and fusion grubs all the while embracing the hub’s old-school vibes.

Almost in disguise, one has to go through an alleyway to reach Titik Temu’s entrance and at the same time leading you to the cafe’s airy backyard. Though not as spacious as the Jenggala branch, Titik Temu found ways to utilise the existing Perum Peruri blueprint to translate the cafe’s modern and nature-infused qualities, while preserving the old-school nuances M Bloc Space is widely known for. From its balcony and indoor area to the backyard, every part of the establishment functions as a communal hub for visitors to freely lounge, like the staircase to the indoor second floor that also doubles as seating for a more informal discourse.

As expected, Titik Temu is synonymous with quality coffee offerings. Customary brews like the signature kopi susu of KOPI dari .TEMU or their Japanese drip filter coffee are the default go-to. But the cafe’s embrace of the food menu is also worth the try: for fusion relish, opt for the Balinese Aglio Olio, the popular pasta dish flavoured with sambal matah and prawn; sharing plates like nachos served with chilli con carne and tomato salsa with cheese sauce, or the traditional pandan Klepon Cake, served with palm sugar and kopyor ice cream, are no-brainer sweet treats anyone can go for. 

Part of Titik Temu’s unique charm is the absence of a storefront, simply relying on its easily-spotted signage, while inviting the curious to discover its hidden alleyway feature. Though set in the middle of M Bloc Space’s exuberance, the cafe is a proper escape for those seeking slow, quiet moments for a well-rounded unwinding session.