Tucked Away in Titik Temu Jenggala

by Ayu Swasti Amandari
14th December 2018
Bali’s famed Titik Temu Coffee has opened its doors at a posh residence in Senopati neighbourhood to spoil the city’s coffee enthusiasts with their humble coffee, where a cup is accompanied by a serene ambience.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Titik Temu rings a bell. Words have travelled far of the Seminyak-based coffee shop in Bali, a comfy space that has attracted tourists and expats for a taste of their superior coffee. Luckily enough, just when the year is about to end, Titik Temu opens its second home in the capital city.

The coffee shop finds its home in Jakarta, quite literally, in the upscale housing complex of Jenggala in Senopati neighbourhood. In Bali, Titik Temu is a blissful sanctuary smacked in the middle of a busy area, whereas here, they’ve found their quiet corner in a sophisticated residential home behind the bustling Senopati Street.

Taking over the back section of the residence, the small coffee shop exudes elegance from the white and ivory colour scheme and its minimalist décor. It wouldn’t be wrong to feel as if you’re walking into a boutique coffee shop; to be sedated by its leisurely ambience and find yourself in a much-needed interlude from the busy reality prevailing just a few houses behind.

Not to mention, there’s the backyard to boot — reminiscent of the green lawn in their Bali counterpart — that extends as their outdoor seating. Pick your spot (and comfort) along the lush white sofa or right on the ground, lesehan style (the Indonesian habit of sitting on the ground). Either one would be an alluring way to further amp up the relaxed volume in this space.

But of course, it’s the coffee first and foremost. Your visit wouldn’t have come unanswered; Titik Temu has brought their beloved coffee beans all the way from the mothership in Bali. And why not accompany your iced latte with a darling Kouign Amman for the perfect pair of bliss. But to those who stretch their visit to lunchtime, stay right in and have either of the Beef Teriyaki Bowl or the Spicy Chicken Bowl for a substantial and satisfying meal.

While under the sun, have a glass of The Watermelon Lust (a mix of watermelon, mint, honey and infused lychee tea) for a cool thirst quench. Otherwise, there’s always an option for more and refreshing caffeine intake with either their signature Coconut Long Black or Iced Coffee Lemonade.

It’s fair to say that Titik Temu Jenggala ticks all the right boxes, or more even; by sharing the abode with fashion label DUMA‘s flagship store, a cup of coffee is due after a shopping spree. But one thing’s for sure, among the many coffee shops making headline this year, do allocate your time to visit Titik Temu Jenggala before the year wraps up. It’s likely one to be a contender for your choice of favourite spots for the upcoming year.