Weekend Brunch at Three Buns

by Julius Kensan
4th April 2015
Three Buns has unveiled more burger options in their latest weekend brunch menu, providing more alternative for brunch enthusiasts and, also possibly, the best way to relief one's hangover over the weekend.

Here’s a tip to relieve your hangover: help yourself to a nourishing meal that is high in protein and iron to replenish the vitamins and minerals your body had lost the night before.

Here’s another tip: head down to Three Buns where their new weekend brunch will help you with that.

Of course, one doesn’t need to be in a serious state of hangover in order to find a reason to dig into Three Buns’ latest offering of weekend brunch. Every weekend from 11am-3pm, guests will now have more burger choices by Executive Chef, Adam Penney, that are administered with breakfast elements.

Take The Ronnie and Kid N Play for example, these two hearty burgers come in an English muffin and served with a side of tater tots (mini hash potato). But just because these burgers’ name sounded childlike, it is anything but a Happy Meal. Other than English muffin and tater tots, Kid N Play also comes with huge Portobello mushroom and fried egg drenched in satisfying layer of melting cheese. Here’s also another tip: sink your teeth slowly into each layer of the burger for maximum flavour.

If that’s not enough, finish it off with a dessert burger, Peanut Butter & Jelly Time. The latter is a subversive take on the typical dessert where peanut butter ice cream is sandwiched in white chocolate bun and served with a side of doughnut fries.

Once you’ve chomped down to all this, MacDonald and Burger King just simply don’t cut it anymore. Not that they are, to begin with.


Three Buns brunch menu is available on every Saturday & Sunday from 11am-3pm.