Three Buns

4th May 2014
With quality burgers and über cool interior, Three Buns swiftly established itself as the popular new kid on the Senopati block among the rest of upscale establishments.

Among the upscale restaurants in the district of Senopati, the presence of Three Buns reminds one of a defiant rebel who has just crashed into the neighbourhood uninvited.

Fact is, Three Buns is upscale in itself, but their approach to food experience is definitely far different than other establishments in the neighbourhood of Senopati. Three buns is no doubt a burger joint but don’t mistake the joint for serving burgers with three buns. What they meant by three buns is the three key elements they are rooted in – beats, meats and buns.

What makes the burger different from the rest is the fact that Three Buns serves only 100% all-natural burgers using quality meat, artisan buns and homemade slow-cooked sauces. The choice of burgers is within the count of one’s fingers – just a list of six carefully selected burgers, but that’s the beauty of it. There is even lamb thrown in for good measure. Still, one can never go wrong with beef.

Their burgers are freshly ground everyday and cooked medium. But patrons are able to request for their meat to be cooked to desired degree. Plus, healthy-conscious patrons are also able to opt for lettuce-wrapped burger instead of a bun.

While the burgers are no doubt the highlight of this joint, it’s hard to deny the charm of the expansive wood-based interior. It feels as if one is in a grounded yet cool backyard party with a burger in one hand and cocktail on another. The joint demolished the conventional seating arrangement and settled for something casual and laid-back. Most of the tables are portable wooden cubes that can be shifted according to one’s comfort.

Infectious R&B/Hip-Hop beats are constantly pumped into this high-ceiling and airy establishment. Just within a few weeks of operation, Three Buns swiftly established itself as the “cool kid” in the district with ease. The other establishments can only look on with envy.