The Morning After Debuted Its First Pop-Up Breakfast

by Beata Primana
29th August 2016
A collaboration between BEAU, Common Grounds and MALT, The Morning After is designed to celebrate the first pleasure of the day: breakfast. Here's the coverage of its debut last Saturday.

One may associate the idiom ‘morning after’ perfectly with an unpleasant aftermath of getting a little too imbibed the night before. But for us, the ideal morning after would connote to as sipping freshly brewed coffee, enjoying scrumptious homemade breakfast and appreciating each other’s company as the morning embraces us warmly.

The Morning After appreciates the simple joys and pleasure of a slow morning in a form of pop-up breakfast sessions. A collaborative effort between BEAU, Common Grounds and MALT (design studio), the first pop-up event was held last Saturday at BEAU’s humble abode-to-be, which is located in one of the narrow street corners of Cikajang Street.

Started at eight in the morning, the space was already filled with expectant early birds, looking all thrilled to be presented with delightful surprises from the kitchen: the breakfast set. Placed atop spiffily-made place mats, patrons were served with three cups of freshly-brewed coffee – each prepared with three different beans in three different ways (milk, batch brew and filter). As for the toasts, Chef Talita Setyadi of BEAU and Chef Gloria Susindra (whose CV counts Common Grounds and St. ALi) presented four kinds of savoury and sweet toasts ranging from a remake of the Classic Egg’s Benedict with a twist of pork belly, Beetroot Cured Salmon, Lemon Curd Bostock, Matcha Milk Brioche.

When asked of where Talita draws her inspiration from in regards to the menu, she believes that breakfast should be familiar, warm and comforting. “The concept of [the menu] was keeping it elegantly simple and classic, and that’s why I decided on the sweet toasts to start out the series. It was important also to have the bread as the stars of the dishes so the balance in texture and flavors had to be carefully considered,” said Talita.

The comfort of homemade breakfast prepared with love and passion can help one in getting through the day seamlessly. The Morning After can definitely attest to it; the feel-good breakfast coupled by wonderful companions and the atmospheric surroundings, make the perfect ingredients for a perfect morning.