Swear on DEMIE Bakmie

by Erdira Wirengjurit
31st October 2018
If a bowlful of bakmie is right for anytime of the day, do check out Pelaspas Dharmawangsa's latest addition, DEMIE Bakmie that serves just about any kind of bakmie to satisfy anyone's preference.

By now, the name Pelaspas should ring familiar to a Jakartan’s ear. The Dharmawangsa compound is a nook of well-loved establishments where one can grab a quick pork belly bun, and find refuge at the cosy corner café for the rest of an afternoon. It’s vibrant yet laidback. So naturally, a recent addition in Pelaspas, DEMIE Bakmie, called attention to a small joint that now occupies a corner at the store-front of the building. Here, they serve simple bakmie that surprisingly lingers with you.

DEMIE Bakmie is a straightforward joint that leaves aside the unnecessary banters and offers bakmie just the way you love them. Between the curly Mie Keriting and the thicker Mie Karet, both are al dente noodles with a firm bite. Hence, what you pick is entirely up to your preference.

Otherwise, DEMIE’s noodle bowls come with the typical diced chicken, meatball, and pangsit garnishes. Add more or less of any of the garnishes, it’s a free world after all. So, the choices are all in your hands to craft the perfect bowl that suits your fancy. How one likes their bakmie is certainly a personal matter, so we completely understand if you may not feel so keen to share your bowlful. But still, when sharing is caring, having a go at their shrimp suikiaw with the pals is never underrated.

You may have known first of DEMIE’s bakmie from online food delivery. Therefore, their brick-and-mortar home naturally followed, and better yet at Pelaspas. The joint takes inspiration from ramen stalls but up-cycles the traditional look by opting for hard concrete and a modern blue-hued palette. It’s indeed rather small in size with just a handful of tall stools at the dining bar facing right into the kitchen. But being in Pelaspas, one knows better that you’re free to roam and settle around the area. As a trendy hangout spot, DEMIE surely breathes easily into Pelaspas’ lifestyle scene where youngsters gather day-in and day-out. Without any hesitation, it’s indeed a welcomed addition to the Pelaspas hub.