But First, Let Me Grab a Coffee

by Julius Kensan
2nd June 2015
Butfirst coffee serves as a gentle reminder that there’s always an occasion for coffee, anytime, everyday.

Dharmawangsa is known as an elite area where the upper echelons live. Chances are, you’ll only drive past this area in order to get to somewhere. So it’s safe to say that no one ever stop by Dharmawangsa for no reason.

However, all of that is about to change with the arrival of Butfirst coffee. Now one could always drop by Dharmawangsa with a valid motivation other than to gaze at those huge mansions.

Taken from a prosaic quote of the movie, Magicians (“but first, coffee.”), the name Butfirst directly reminds one that there is always a time for coffee. But it does so discreetly. Tucked in a cosy corner of Pelaspas building, a lifestyle concept space just beside Plataran Dharmawangsa, Butfirst quietly brews their coffee with composed confidence.

Facing a mini backyard, Butfirst is the kind of space “Sunday morning people” have dreamed of. A quiet Sunday morning is best spent in a sunlit corner, where one could finish off latest read with a cup of warm coffee.

Apart from the usual customary selections of coffee, Butfirst also offers cold drip in the form of fizzy coffee. And all of them are served in delightful ceramic cups that, surprisingly, has an invisible effect of urging you take more sips, each time you lay your eyes on it.

Going forward, Butfirst will be adding more options to its menu, such as pastries. Those who are into caffeine and booze can also look forward to coffee cocktails to be served in Butfirst in near future. But, for now, coffee first.