Six Ounces: The Art of Balancing

by Julius Kensan
26th August 2015
Six Ounces keeps its patrons satiated with its coffee, good food and good company. Expect to spend long hours in this friendly neighbourhood joint in Kelapa Gading.

Six Ounces is the ideal amount of Cappuccino made from the most balanced ratio between coffee and milk. Reflecting that balanced ideal, Six Ounces Café easily aces the ratio between coffee, good food and swell time.

Situated in Kelapa Gading, the establishment is a haven for Jakarta’s coffee enthusiasts. With espresso made with beans from Giyanti and filter coffee using single-origin from Common Grounds, Six Ounces is not taking the commitment to coffee lightly. Plus, they also provide plenty of manual brew for one to choose, from paper drip, aero press, to the “visually-satisfying-to-watch” syphon.

Apart from coffee, the responsibility of filling up patron’s hungry tummy falls on The Green Door Kitchen, a separate entity from Six Ounces but nevertheless shares a roof with the latter. The Green Door Kitchen serves up quality healthy food, but its definition of healthy doesn’t mean more vegetables and less meat.

The notion is easily understood once giving the menu a scan. Apart from the usual Caesar Salad, the rest of the options fall on the hearty side like steaks, Pulled Pork Burger and, for the lack of better words, the utterly delicious Cuban sandwich. And it’s wholesome because they source the best ingredients and prepare those dishes the best way possible.

Thanks to the presence of Green Door Kitchen, patrons of Six Ounces are able to stretch their time in the café longer. And if you’d like to go one step further, end your meal with the café’s pastry, like the toothsome Orange Lemon Cake.

With its wooden interior, Six Ounces easily radiates the atmosphere of a low-key regular neighbourhood joint. In addition, tables are clustered close to each other, giving one the feeling of closeness among other strangers minus the uneasiness. But if that’s too much for the introvert in you, start by parking yourself on the usually empty counter that faces the window, before moving on to the coffee counter, where chatting up with the baristas feels like a friendly session with old neighbours.

This level of intimacy is also why family around the area regularly visits Six Ounces and the café is, without fail, filled with steady streams of patrons everyday. But don’t let the crowd discourage you from visiting the café, for your coffee would probably go best with the holiday story you’ll overheard from the next table.