Cosy Up at Shophaus Mahakam

by Mudita Sandie
4th October 2022
For their second home in Mahakam, retail space Shophaus takes cues from the café and shops scene in the streets of Europe and Melbourne—showcasing the pull of outdoor spaces into their compound.

Since its first opening in Menteng in 2016, Shophaus has been a lifestyle establishment that houses well-curated tenants from F&B to beauty outlets on their grounds. If the Menteng branch is inspired by the Omotesando neighbourhood in Tokyo, then the one in Mahakam takes cues from the streets in Europe and Melbourne, referencing outdoor spaces like sidewalk cafés and back alley shops.

Located on the corner of Jalan Mahakam, Shophaus stands with a rounded edge and a polished black exterior. Though it might look minimalistic on the outside, what Shophaus Mahakam has in store holds a range of exciting things, both in curation and design. 

Currently, there are five F&B tenants—and more upcoming—under its home. Upon entering the place, Baritalia and Gelato Secrets greet with their refreshing delights; the former is a pasticceria, caféteria, and aperitivo bar that serves a concise range of coffee drinks and cocktails, whereas the latter holds a variety of artisanal gelato. 

If one’s in the mood to have some burger, walk further in and look into Ask for Patty. Want to try something new? Try a variety of Pizza al Taglio—a Roman square-cut style pizza—from Matto Di Pizza, with flavours ranging from spicy tuna to eggplant-topped verdure. Feeling a need for spice? The Buffalo accommodates that with their hot sauce and classic American street food, from chicken wings to burgers.  

Injecting character into the space is an important aspect of Shophaus Mahakam’s design where everything, from the red brick tiles to the way the shops are laid out, is done purposefully. It’s a response to the archetypal design of malls in Jakarta that co-founder Satrio Wibowo deems not “as intimate and lacks texture. But when you add design elements like a unique-shaped ceiling or a mosaic floor [like the interior in Baritalia], it keeps people engaged with the space,” noted Satrio.

Shophaus’ centre communal space, too, reflects this approach to design. Tables are placed in a row between impressively high red walls, and above them, a skylight roof to let the sun in; exuding a warm atmosphere that invites visitors, like parents and their uniform-garbed children taking a pit stop on their way home, to lounge and munch on their meals.

The culmination of these design choices gives a classical character to Shophaus Mahakam that mirrors the upscale neighbourhood it resides in—all while avoiding being too intimidating. With more additions on the way, like IOI Beer from Bali, city dwellers can look forward to cosying up at the retail space while enjoying an experience that is tailored to them.