A Second Conquest for the Ottoman’s

by Erdira Wirengjurit
21st May 2018
Conquering South Jakarta, Ottoman’s Coffee Brewers has established their second home in Sopo Del Kuningan where the playful café amps it up with cheeky mocktails and mouthwatering brunch menu.

Ottoman’s is striking South Jakarta and venturing to Mega Kuningan. Being one of the early players in the rising wave of coffee shops in North Jakarta, the café named after the Turkish empire has established itself as a coffee connoisseur with a cosy venue that’s well-loved in the region. And by branching out to the south, the establishment pushes its boundaries.

Sitting in Sopo Del building lobby, the new Ottoman’s comes with a visually striking interior. Drawing inspiration from outdoor public areas, the space features snippets of an amphitheatre, a park, and terrace dining tied in a playfully colourful scheme that’s bound to make its way into any conversation.

If you’re going to sit at their pink stairs, make sure to hold on dear to your spot and be prepared to be thrown into a lively ambiance; for the sitting area is highly popular among patrons. Elsewhere, other sitting areas are nicely more subdued to corner in with a laptop or settle down for a fetching meal. Anyhow, the playful atmosphere is contagious and conversing won’t feel dreary.

Speaking of food, Ottoman’s name already rings a bell for their killer breakfast and coffee. But here, they’re emerging out of their coffee shop image by unfolding a series of exclusive additions to accentuate its presence within the F&B industry. For one, Ottoman’s is amping up their menu by adding a handful of beautifully plated dishes for lunch, dinner and the ever-popular brunch time.

To wit, the Hash Cake Benedict marries morning staples like hash browns and poached egg over beetroot purée and mesclun salad. If you fancy, don’t skip on the Naked Burrito Bowl –  its generous assortment of seasoned rice, salsa, avocado, sour cream and chicken breast will leave you gratified. While here, have a go at their selection of mocktails unique to the Sopo Del branch, be it the sweet Flaming Guava or the Winter Melon with a cooling burst.

The switch in concept from their first venue to the second one is nothing short of drastic. While the addition to its menu easily attracts newcomers, old friends of Ottoman’s will find familiarity in the details, be it in their well-crafted coffee or delicious food. What’s certain, everyone can agree that Ottoman’s arrival to South Jakarta is the kind of takeover that everyone can enjoy.