Ottoman’s Coffee Brewers

23rd February 2016
Named after the famous empire, Ottoman's Coffee Brewers sticks to a regime where coffee is seen as an everyday staple for everyone – and of course, with a killer breakfast to boot.

Way before coffee invaded the whole world, the Turkish Empire – also known as the Ottoman Empire – had made the vitalising drink a staple to their daily lives. Paying tribute to the empire, which first introduced coffee as a delicacy, it’s obvious where Ottoman’s Coffee Brewers derived its name from.

The arrival of Ottoman’s in North of Jakarta is another addition in a city blessed with the recent burst of coffee shops. In addition, Ottoman’s is also one of the very few cafés to serve an all-day breakfast menu.

But let’s start off from its coffee, of which they declare with a ballsy claim: “Redefining your experience of caffeine intake.” Where most third-wave coffee shops faithfully adhering to a “strict-size-for-certain-types-of-coffee” rule, Ottoman’s is pretty flexible in terms of its coffee size.

Patrons of Ottoman’s can have their coffee (be it latte, flat white or cappuccino) with three size options: 4oz, 5oz, 6oz. For instance, one can have a cappuccino (that usually comes in the regular 5 oz cup) in a 4 oz cup (commonly used for piccolo). The equation is sort of perplexing at first, but so far, it has been a great conversation starter in Ottoman’s.

Moving on to food, their all-day breakfast menu is a compendius compilation of what they do best. The Egg Benedict is an apparent hit – sitting on top of a slice of ciabatta are poached egg, creamed spinach, smashed avocado and beef/pork bacon, all drenched in their delicious homemade hollandaise sauce. Smashed Avocado Toast is going to spoil fans of the said fruit to the full, where you’ll find a thick dollop of smashed avocado, pesto and poached egg perched atop ciabatta.

Granola Bowl is a healthier alternative to Egg Ben and Avo Toast. The superfood bowl is a bed of either red (dragonfruit, papaya, banana, berries) or yellow (mango, pineapple, banana) smoothies dolled up with Ottoman’s scrumptious homemade granola, coconut shreds, and fruits. Don’t forget to add their homemade cold-pressed juice to enhance the experience.

Interior wise, Ottoman’s is well-lit with clean palette; the café is also conspicuous and inviting from the outside (thanks to their gripping hand-written-based logogram) as it nicely offsets modest family-owned restaurants that dominate the area.

To name oneself after a pioneer places a lot of pressure on the bearer indeed, but it’s clear how Ottoman’s stick to the same spirit as the Turks, that is to introduce coffee as an everyday staple for people. With a killer breakfast to boot, of course.