A Boost of Nitro

by Sandy Indahsari
17th May 2017
Nitro Coffee is a cosy pit stop to indulge in a cup of coffee or two, whether you're here for important meeting or just a quick break.

There’s no doubt that Jakartans have been thoroughly exposed to third wave coffee. Visiting nearby neighbourhood café for a cup of joe before heading to work has become a second nature for many.

Right from the exterior, Nitro Coffee is visually calming and soothing with its cool powder blue bricks. The feeling is equally matched inside, where a huge counter sits in the middle of the room in coffee-coloured tiles and seats, from communal to individual, that provides comfort in any occasions you are in.

Coffee enthusiasts will know what to order given that Nitro serves the customary choices of espresso-based coffee and homemade baked goods, such as sea salt brownies and croissant. But if you have the habit of ordering non-coffee drinks every now and then, there’s choices like matcha latte, hot chocolate and even black sesame latte to satisfy you.

Its location nearby Senopati Central Business District (SCBD) coupled with the fact that one is most likely to find magazines, such as Forbes and Time on their bookrack, indirectly allude to Nitro being the type of establishment where office executives meet potential clients or closing a business deal over a few cups of coffee.

But whether you’re here to discuss the world updates or indulging a well-deserved “me time”, Nitro’s convivial atmosphere means that you’ll find a mix crowds congregating together for their daily caffeine fix.