Nala Expands to Gading Serpong

by Pingkan Palilingan
19th May 2016
Nala Coffee expands its calm Nordic appeal all the way to Serpong, where they serve their coffee in a monochromatic sanctuary that you'd love to frequent every day.

Barely a year after its first coffee shop opened in TB Simatupang Road, Nala Coffee’s expansion to Serpong neighbourhood is a thrilling surprise for coffee cognoscenti in the vicinity. Tucked safely in an isolated cul-de-sac nearby Turning Point Coffee, Nala’s interior dons a monochromatic palate of white and grey, retaining the Nordic sensibility the coffee shop is known for.

Designed by architect Aldo Felix, Every detail of Nala’s interior seems to be done with an apt precision. Starting from the mustard yellow ceiling that looks slightly “off” at first, but once the sunlight enters, it emits a warm, subtle glow of gold to the space. Then there’s their eye-catching coffee bar that greets you the moment you step into the joint; a bar that beautifully pairs a marble platform with a sleek wooden top that enhance the warm glow, further reducing the cold air that exudes from the room’s grey walls.

As you go about the room, you would realise how Nala champions all the little details; case in point, it’s hard to overlook distinctive features that are “so Nala”, such as their dainty marble door handle that adorns the establishment’s sliding glass doors and also the handsome coffee cup you are holding, which is a custom-made ceramic cup by local ceramic artist Ayu Larasati. And as you walk further in, you would notice some greens peeking through a glass wall at the end of the room: the hidden outdoor area for those who prefer to have their latte in an enclosed solitude.

Featuring coffee beans from Smoking Barrels, a local micro-roastery, Nala’s coffee surely doesn’t disappoint. While it would be relatively easy to select your beverage, choosing what to eat proves to be a hard task to manage. Aside from rice dish, Nala finds its specialty in both savoury and sweet waffle. Savoury Waffle might be not to everyone’s taste, but it provides a nice introduction to the unusual combination of savoury and sweet (Bacon & Egg Waffle, anyone?). However, what you shouldn’t miss is their Coffee Waffle (the waffle dough is mixed with espresso shot), with assortments such as Almond S’mores (marshmallows and almond crumbs sandwiched between waffles) and Banana Berries (mix berry compote, caramelised banana and mascarpone served atop waffles). You might as well take this opportunity to sample their dish – remembering how food is something of a luxury you wouldn’t find at Nala TB Simatupang.

Entrancing interior, warm ambience, and excellent coffee and food – it’s fascinating to see how all these different details fall together in assembling Nala’s personality. This could very well be the new place of retreat that you can always depend on.