30th September 2015
Nala’s clean and stripped-back interior remarkably enhances the coffee experience where a visit is not complete without a brief session of optimistic daydreaming.

While the appeal of a coffee shop should always be based on the quality of coffee it serves, there’s no denying the charm of a sublimely designed café to keep you coming back for more.

Located in AD Premier office tower at TB Simatupang Road, Nala is the type of café that catches one’s attention merely for the way it looks. Sitting on a compact mezzanine, where one is required to climb up a spiral staircase, the minimal café doesn’t take up more space than it needs to.

Though compact, the café feels expansive thanks to the high ceiling and the immense glass walls that allow not only generous amount of sunlight in but also a clear view of the bustling road outside the building. Most importantly, one gets the sense that all the contents of Nala – the slender counter, a handful of tables and chairs to its two pots of indoor plants, are only there simply because they have to. Indeed, Nala is straightforward and stripped clean from any gilding that its lack of decoration is the decoration itself.

The coffee experience in Nala varies depending on how you perceive the space. If the room invokes the atmosphere of an international hotel, then you’ll feel as if transported to a far-flung country while sipping your espresso. Maybe you consider that Nala is exactly how you’d like your future dream home to look or feel like, then you’ll be as chill as the Ice Latte in your hand, while the hectic road scene outside bluntly wakes you up from your wishful reverie.

One would most likely notice Nala’s loyalty card, where after ten stamps, the café rewards you with a cup of coffee on the house. Still, such move is disarmingly self-deprecating on Nala’s part. For, even without the loyalty card, it’s hard not wanting to return after a visit to Nala, where it embodies how every morning or afternoon should feel like.