Lewis & Carroll Flower Market: Tea & Flower Combo

by Julius Kensan
16th June 2017
Lewis & Carroll’s branch in Grand Indonesia amps up the tea experience coupled with a flower market that boasts unusual bloom.

A visit to the mall can be a very demanding experience. Braving the mob along with the noise alone is enough to trigger the need to hideaway in a quieter corner. Luckily for those who are inclined to feel this way, Lewis & Carroll is easily the answer to that need, where it is located within a quiet nook of Central Department Store at Grand Indonesia Mall.

For most people who are familiar with the modern teahouse, Lewis & Carroll doesn’t need anymore introduction. But for newcomers who haven’t had the opportunity to visit their first branch in South Jakarta, this spot is a great place to start.

Given the clean and uncluttered space with sleek chairs and tables, it feels appropriate to opt for classic tea like Oolong or Sencha and pair them with a few plates of desserts during your visit. If so, don’t miss out on their Twin Peaks Duo (vanilla bean and Kyoto matcha panna cotta) and Cacaocha (Kyoto matcha crème brûlée with chocolate and cashew feulletine).

Still, Lewis & Carroll is not afraid to shake things up and roughen its image from that of a refined modern tea house. Don’t be surprised to find hearty Indonesian dishes, from nasi goreng, bakmi ayam to nasi uduk with sambal matah. And mind you, the portion is also not for the faint hearted.

Should your visit to Lewis & Carroll take such a turn, look to their blended tea such as the fruity Colada Sun or cold brew Gyokuro tea to lighten the meal.

With its location, don’t be surprised to find a mix crowd of executives having lunch meeting or young adults indulging in catch-up session especially on weekend.

The presence of Atelier Fleuri capped the visit to this branch of Lewis & Carroll. It’ll be absurd to miss out on the variety of attention grabbing flowers and plants spilling out in all directions the moment you pass the entrance. These flowers, which are imported from far-flung countries like the Netherlands and Japan, are also available to be purchased and brought home.

But even if you have no plan to do so, the sight of them does have an effect on easing you up a little. And one will most likely leave Lewis & Carroll feeling like, all in all, it was an afternoon well spent.