Lewis & Carroll Tea

19th October 2015
Fanciful tea parties are no longer the stuff of dreams with Lewis & Carroll. Especially with an intricate selection of quality tea blends and genteel setting that adds to its obvious charms.

Absorbing the atmosphere inside Lewis & Carroll, it is apparent that tea, and its entire brewing process is a top priority here. This is evident through their prominent tea leaves collection that boast an impressive set of twelve categories and no less than 54 different flavors. With such a strong sense of dedication to this singular beverage, it seems only fitting that this polished establishment takes its name after two tea-loving literary icons. Both British writer C.S Lewis (who penned The Chronicles of Narnia) and Lewis Carroll (author of Alice in Wonderland) are also known for their imaginative flair, which aligns with the trace of tale-like essence the place is trying to capture. Set up in such a way to engage their patron’s participation, wooden tables and chairs are evenly distributed throughout the earth-toned, brightly lit space. With their calming warmth, patrons are encouraged to walk up to the counter and take their time sniffing tea leaves before deciding on their desired flavours. Taking their tea from suppliers all around the world, they work together with Bambang Laresolo, a tea specialist based in Bogor, in creating exceptional tea blends. No detail is overlooked in Lewis & Carroll. From the water temperature, brewing minutes, to exceptional machines, generous attention is paid to every process, resulting in a most meticulous tea serving. Their Pu’erh Paravel and Gyokuro Gem are winners for tea experts and those with a more adventurous palate. But for those less inclined to try their 17-year kept legacy tea, you are most welcome to choose from their heritage or signature tea, which features more common options like Chamomile or Green Tea.  Got a tongue for their independent brews? You can also buy packets to take away and enjoy your cup in the comfort of your own home. Here, visitors are also treated to freshly baked offerings sourced from Komunal88. Wash it down with your tea of choice, and round it off with their sought-after Matcha Pannacota. In addition, Lewis & Carroll also collaborates with a local homemade ice-cream gourmet Eskimomo, where they feature chai ice cream with a rich ginger flavour and earl grey ice cream, both sourcing the ingredients from Lewis & Carroll’s selected tea leaves. It’s amazing to see the array of tea leaves Lewis & Carrol has. And it’s even more bewildering to taste such rich flavours we can get from one simple beverage with centuries-old reputation, that is tea. Still, there are only a couple of places in the city that handle tea the right way, and Lewis & Carroll is definitely the one to watch.