Lewis & Carroll Enters Senayan City Mall

by Julius Kensan
18th January 2018
Lewis & Carroll steps into Senayan City Mall, offering plated desserts exclusively in this branch along with their extensive tea selection.

The popular Lewis & Carroll, an establishment well known for its extensive range of tea, certainly doesn’t need any introduction by now. Ever since calling Grand Indonesia Mall as the home to its second branch, Lewis & Carroll is slowly transforming into a household name, beloved by those who are looking for an alternative to the standard coffee shop.

And now, the establishment has set its foot into Senayan City Mall. But don’t brush it off as another branch of Lewis & Carroll that serves up the same old thing. While their popular hearty food options, such as Bakmi Ayam and Nasi Goreng Gila still remain intact, they are dishing up plated desserts that are available exclusively only at this particular branch.

Depending on your mood, if a heavy meal isn’t on the agenda but you’re feeling a little peckish then their plated dessert is the way to go. On offer are choices like their signature Cacaocha (frozen matcha crème, choco royaltine and roasted chocolate ice cream) and a twist on the classic Eton Mess (meringue chalks serve on a bed of strawberry coulis and Chantilly). If you’re feeling adventurous, then you would likely gravitate towards more experimental options, like the aptly named “Rice”, where it consists of roasted rice ice cream, black rice cracker, rice cake and chocolate mousse.

It goes without saying that these plated desserts go well with Lewis & Carroll’s tea. Don’t worry if you have no idea on which one to pick because the suggested options are shown on the menu. The extensive tea menu also encourages you to try them all through multiple visits.

Longtime fans of Lewis & Carroll will certainly find delight in the versatility from this branch. Whether you’re looking for quick lunch, afternoon tea with plated desserts or a dinner out with friends, Lewis & Carroll in Senayan City Mall will take care of that with ease.