New Home, New Delights at Kopikalyan

Mudita Sandie
26th August 2022
Kopikalyan opens in Wijaya, bringing over a variety of their freshly-made roti sobek and Wijaya specials of breakfast items and beverages into their homey and affable two-story home.

Kopikalyan grows slowly but surely. Since its inception in 2016, the notable brand has opened four outlets: two in South Jakarta, one in Serpong, and one all the way in Tokyo, Japan.

This time, they closed their Barito branch and moved to Wijaya, a two-story building that resembles more of an old-school house. Designed by the co-founder, Putri Yulandari, the familiar brick and concrete look of its previous outlets is swapped for a mix of traditional and modern—wooden interiors and vintage tiles combined with a neutral palette of beige and white. The homey, affable tone sets in immediately.

The offerings, both existing and new, are also to be looked forward to here, from Roti Kalyan’s variety of freshly made roti sobek to the brand’s notable Indonesian coffee lineup. Exclusive to the branch are their “Wijaya” specials, which include beverages like the Kafe Kremee (palm sugar latte topped with cocoa powder) and Mini Moka (single shot espresso, cocoa bar, with chocolate ice cream and whipping cream). 

They also rolled out a new breakfast menu, with options ranging from the salmon egg benedict with coffee hollandaise sauce; the Wijaya ‘big breakfast’ heaped with toast, omelette, beef bacon, and a generous amount of mushrooms; to the classic banana pancakes with ice cream. 

When feeling a little adventurous, try their nutmeg-based special delicacies made as part of their year-long collaboration with Heka Leka called “Project Banda”. In their efforts to highlight Banda Island’s rich spice on their menu, the lineup boasts Banda Neira “The Spice Island”, a refreshing concoction of nutmeg juice mixed with ginger and lemongrass; Run Island, a nutmeg-based canned coffee; and Manhattan, a fruity canned refreshment made of nutmeg, apple juice, and coconut water. 

The office-turned-café accommodates the moods of everyone. Need more fresh air? One can go to the outdoor seating. Need more privacy? Their upcoming ‘quiet rooms’ are designed just for that. Those who have been ordering at Kalyan’s online store for ORIGAMI’s ceramic drippers and latte bowls can also find a variety of items displayed near the cashier counter and coffee bar.

Once again, Kopikalyan has provided people with good coffee, hearty meals and comfortable space. From coffee aficionados to hybrid city workers, everyone would feel at home here.