Making a Headline in Pejaten

by Pingkan Palilingan
23rd August 2016
Moving into a new home in Pejaten, Headline boasts a new look and personality, serving up warung-style roti bakar and noodle to go with the coffee.

For years, Headline had been safely hidden in the quiet neighbourhood of Kemang Utara with its reputation built by one of the founders, Mira Yudhawati (World Barista Championship’s Judge) and her colleagues.

Today, what used to be an unassuming, homely coffee shop that is Headline, has now transformed into a completely different concept that is strangely enough, befits its moniker; the new Headline is more pronounced and youthful, with a new tagline: Kopi, Roti, Mie (coffee, toast, noodle).

Moving its location to Pejaten neighbourhood, Headline aims to shake off their image as just a mere coffee shop. Take their menu, for instance, that is on the borderline between a coffee shop and warung-style eatery that leans towards showcasing the food.

The food menu lists down the crowd’s favourites roti bakar that encompasses a variety of sweet spreads and savoury toppings, such as the inventive red velvet toast with melted cream cheese that peeks between the bread – a perfect afternoon snack to go with coffee (aside from sourcing from Caswell’s, sometimes they roast their beans too).

For the heftier fare, the noodle and don (rice bowl with choices of meat) are surprisingly filling. While most options flaunt chicken as one of the mains, the Gyu Tan Noodle – chewy noodle spattered with julienned ox tongue then crowned with sunny side up – remains the favourite.

It’s obvious that Headline aims to be bigger and more comprehensive with their new concept, which includes a rebrand of the establishment’s logo and revamped interior that is intended to appeal more to young crowds from the neighbouring schools and college. It’s easy to imagine a flock of students exchange stories over Ovaltine toasts or discussing homework with the company of a warm rice bowl at the outdoor area of the establishment.

Coffee may be the sole feature that Headline had previously aimed to tackle. However, with their coffee positioned as complementary to their food, Headline would have no trouble in establishing their new personality in a completely new neighbourhood. You can guarantee they deserve a spot in the headlines for a long time.